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  1. By the way Barry how did you hear about the NIRC?
  2. You've come to the right place A local website and forum to benefit local reefkeepers. We meet on a monthly basis in Belfast, first Tuesday of every month, why not come along to the next meet, Tuesday 7th June, we're running through a demonstration on how to use the forum, theres lots of different ways to run your way through it. To start a thread click on the 'section' you'll like to place your thread and in the top left hand side click on 'New Thread'. Start typing and click on post. Thats it. Any other problems gimme a shout. Apologies that you cant reply on the sales threads but restrictions have been set for non members. I sent you the link to the thread about joining the NIRC if you'd like to join up. Hopefully see you at the June meet. Any other questions/queries theres plenty of guys on here to help out.
  3. I've just been trying to find a good NI forum with people always on it to share information and possible buy things that people are looking rid off. This seems the place to be. How do you start a post?
  4. I have let Bob know that your trying to contact him. Are you interested in joining up to the NIRC Barry? Welcome along by the way Why not create a thread in the Welcome section and tell us all a little bit about your setup.
  5. Hi mave I tried that but because I'm new and haven't posted 10 times it wouldn't let me
  6. Hi Barry, post a reply on the thread and silentbobt will see it
  7. Hi Mave,

    I was wondering about trying to contact silentbobt as he has some items I would be interested in buying. As he lives in Antrim I could call round. Is there anyway of me contacting him?


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