NIRC Rules

Although the administrators and moderators of will attempt to keep all objectionable messages off this forum, it is impossible for us to review all messages. All messages express the views of the author, and neither the owners of, nor vBulletin Solutions, Inc. (developers of vBulletin) will be held responsible for the content of any message.

By agreeing to these rules, you warrant that you will not post any messages that are obscene, vulgar, sexually-oriented, hateful, threatening, or otherwise violative of any laws. The owners of reserve the right to remove, edit, move or close any thread for any reason.


NIRC operates a three strikes policy. These "strikes" will be issued as infractions for any behaviour which contravenes the forum rules. All infractions will be retained on the members user file for six months. Depending on the nature and severity of the behaviour they may, or may not, be preceded by a warning. While these warnings do not count towards a users strike count they do remain on your account and visible to the Team for the same period of six months.

Messages that breach any of these rules may result in issue of warnings and or infractions under NIRC's three strikes policy and this will ultimately lead to temporary or permanent bans from the site. Three strikes at any level will result in a temporary ban as a minimum. The policy will work as follows:

Strike one is a formal warning. Strike two will be an automatic two week ban. Strike three will be an automatic and permanent ban. The NIRC Team's decision on issues of unacceptable behaviour will be final. Publicly posted complaints about moderation will not be tolerated, and will be regarded as a further strike. If you wish to discuss a moderation decision then please do so by pm and not by posting publicly on the forum. We reserve the right to issue immediate permanent bans where a members conduct warrants this action.

1. - No Flaming

You will not post any messages or links anywhere on this site that harass, insult, belittle, threaten, undermine or personally attack another member in any way.

2. - No Trolling

You will not post any material or links anywhere on this site that disrupt the peace and harmony of this forum. Discussion and opinions based on experience are encouraged, but not combative argument.

3. - No Spamming

You will not double post or post the same message in multiple forums. You will not post for the sake of increasing your post count. Meaningless, irrelevant, or unintelligible posts will be removed. Any member found to be spamming the board to achieve 50 posts for classifieds access will have their access to the classifieds section removed for six months. Please do not use text speak etc. that may not be understood by all.

4. - No Offensive Posts, Links or Images

You will not post any material or links anywhere on this site that are profane, obscene, vulgar, sexually-orientated, hateful, threatening, racist, sexist, discriminatory, or otherwise in violation of any local or international laws. This includes material or links in your signature, profile, blogs and bookmarks as well as posted images, photos and avatars. Moderators will ultimately decide if something is appropriate or not. Please remember that we have junior members.

5. - Advertiser Feedback

All our Advertisers have their own dedicated feedback forum. These are the only places on the site where advertiser feedback can be left. Feedback posted elsewhere will be removed without explanation.

Members are allowed to leave either positive or negative feedback. To ensure fairness the feedback forums are fully moderated. Posts will not appear until they have been approved by a Moderator. Any member posting outside the feedback forums in order to avoid this moderation will be dealt with under the three strikes policy.

Any member found to be using (or promising/threatening to use) comments on NIRC to solicit discounts, obtain preferential treatment or otherwise unfairly influence an advertiser will also be dealt with under the three strikes policy.

6. - No Advertising

You will not post any material or links anywhere on this site that are primarily for the promotion or advertising of any commercial reefing-related website, forum or business, unless you are a current advertiser. Some discussion of non-advertising aquatics businesses is acceptable. This set of general rules will offer some guidance. The Moderation Team reserve the right to remove any link, signature, post or thread they deem to be inappropriate.

7. - Sales

ANY sales threads posted anywhere on the board outside of the classifieds area, except in a private club area and agreed with the relevant private club leader, will be removed without explanation. The only exception to this is where the regional co-ordinator establishes a sticky thread into which links to sales in the classified may be posted. Wanted threads should be posted in the relevant classifieds wanted forum, a link only may be posted in a regional area.

ANY 'gauging interest' threads posted anywhere on the board, except in a private club area and agreed with the relevant private club leader, will be removed without explanation.

8. - No Public Posting of Copyright Material

You will not post, upload, attach, or post links anywhere on this site to anything that is under copyright or license, except where you own the copyright and grant permission for it to be permanently displayed within this forum.

Whilst the member retains the copyright, by submitting any material to this forum you also grant permission giving a permanent and irrevocable right for it to be presented in other areas of the forum unless the moderating team receive formal instructions from you prior to the material being posted.

9. - Accept moderation.

By using the services provided by NIRC you agree to accept the Moderation of the NIRC Team. Publicly posted complaints about moderation will not be tolerated, eg "Where has my thread gone?" These will be regarded as a strike under the three strikes policy. Any messages to or about any UR Team member that contain derogatory remarks or swearing will result in an immediate ban. All moderation aims to be fair and even handed. Any grievance involving a moderator should be reported by PM (Private Message) to another moderator, who will inform the site owner.

10. - Signature Restrictions

The total height of your signature must not exceed 170 pixels. This is about 45mm on most modern monitors, or 10 lines of standard size text (Verdana size 2), including blank lines and images. Any signatures that exceed these dimensions will be automatically cropped.

Your signature must not contain any links or banners which would contravene Rule 6 above. The maximum size for any non-commercial, reefing-related banner is 468x60 pixels. More than one is permissible, so long as the total height does not exceed the signature height restriction above. Advertisements for non-reefing businesses are limited to a single link/line of Verdana size 2 text. No more than one such non reefing advertisement is permitted per signature./

Your avatar must not exceed 80 x 80 pixels.

The Moderation Team reserve the right to remove any signature or avatar they deem to be inappropriate.


1. - What happens if I break a rule?

The moderators have the right to remove, edit, move, copy or close any thread or post, or suspend or ban any member for any breach of the rules or for any other reason with or without warning or notice.

2. - What if I see a message posted that breaks a rule?

Please report these posts or threads to the moderators by clicking on the "Report" link at the top of the offending post, and the post or thread will be reviewed and action taken as soon as possible.

3. - What is my responsibility as a member?

Please keep these rules in mind when you post. The moderators have the right to change these rules at any time without notice. It is the responsibility of every member to remain up to date with the current rules.

Posting to the forum is only allowed if you agree to abide by these rules, and by posting to the forum you are accepting the terms of this agreement.

4. - Why have rules in the first place?

The rules are there for the protection of the community as a whole, to prevent abuse, conflict and disharmony within the forums and to ensure the use of NIRC is a pleasant experience for all members of all ages.


The use and access of NIRC, its forums, chat room and related services are subject to terms and conditions of this agreement. Additionally, use is also subject to any applicable laws and regulations, including those which govern copyright and trademarks.

By accessing the services NIRC provide, you accept without condition or limitation all the terms and conditions contained within this agreement.

NIRC reserves the right to amend this user agreement at any time, when appropriate and without prior notice. This agreement will be updated when such changes arise. You agree to any changes made within the agreement by continuing to use the services.


You agree not to post or send material, including emails and private messages, or link to, any material that is deemed to be unlawful, harmful, threatening, obscene, harassing, vulgar, profane, racially, ethnically, sexually, or otherwise objectionable, including, but without limitation, any material which could encourage conduct that would constitute a criminal offence, infringe on the rights of others, or otherwise violate applicable laws. Any violation of this may result in suspension of your account.

Users will be responsible for, and indemnify and hold harmless NIRC and its representatives against any claim arising from any material you post or transmit.

In its duty to comply with relevant law, and co-operate with appropriate authorities, NIRC reserve the right to disclose your identity or any other information we may hold about you, where complaints or legal actions results from material posted or transmitted by you.


You agree that NIRC does not control the information and material posted or transmitted on or from the bulletin boards, chat room or other services provided, and that the opinions, statements, advice, suggestions, offers or other information or material are those of the author, who remains exclusively liable for their content.

You retain full responsibility for all content or material you post, and grant NIRC a permanent and irrevocable right to display this through the services provided. You acknowledge that any content or material posted by you is non confidential.

Although copyright of any posted material is retained by the original author, you grant NIRC the right to act on your behalf in cases of copyright infringement i.e where material posted by you on NIRC has been copied without your permission by a third party. However, you acknowledge that NIRC is not obliged to do so under the provisions of this agreement.


Although the sponsors of NIRC are provided with advertising space and their own forum to engage in providing a service to NIRC members all other commercial posts, transmissions, usernames, signatures or avatars are in violation of this user agreement. In general, we will define information of a commercial nature where an individual, group of individuals, or business makes posts which are deemed to be directly or indirectly seeking commerce or custom, or where posts are deemed to be on behalf of individuals, groups of individuals or businesses where the information in question could be considered for the financial benefit of those concerned.

You acknowledge that these definitions cannot suit all scenarios, and the owner and representatives of NIRC reserve the right to determine whether the content or material of your posts violate this agreement.


You agree that your member profile, which may include avatars, signatures, titles, blogs and graphics, are all subject to the terms and conditions of this user agreement.


You agree that you will create a single user account and no others. The use of multiple accounts will be restricted to sponsors only to distinguish between private and commercial use. Multiple accounts may be deleted, and where a multiple account is used in a manner which may violate any part of this user agreement, both multiple and primary accounts may be suspended.

In addition to all other terms and conditions contained within this agreement, you agree that you will not post or transmit any material or content which could be deemed by the owner or representatives of NIRC as "spam" or "junk". Any account which is found to be conducted with reference to this paragraph will be suspended.


NIRC reserves the right for its owner and representatives to monitor and review the content posted or transmitted on or through its services, including, but not limited to, the bulletin board and chat room.

You acknowledge that NIRC is not obliged to do so under the provisions of this agreement, but will endeavour to so with the resources available.

NIRC and its representatives reserves the right, without condition and at our discretion, to edit or delete any message in part or in its entirety, which is deemed to be in violation of this user agreement.

Moderation is at the sole judgement of the representatives of NIRC, and although the motivation behind any moderation will usually be provided, this is entirely at their discretion.


The information, material, facts, and opinions are member generated from various individuals or businesses and are provided on an "as is" basis without warranty of any kind, other than those imposed by and incapable of exclusion, restriction or modification under the laws applicable to this agreement.

The use of NIRC is at your own risk. Neither NIRC nor its representatives shall be liable to you or anyone else for any loss or injury, or any direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, special, punitive or similar damages arising from the use or access of the services provided by NIRC or your inability to access or use these services. This will also apply to any actions taken in response to or as a result of any information or material posted or transmitted from the NIRC services.

Neither NIRC nor its representatives endorse or are responsible or liable for the accuracy or reliability or any opinion or statement posted or transmitted on or from the services provided.


NIRC will not allow the access of any information provided by you to any outside bodies or external companies, schemes, databases etc. except where your actions require the information be passed onto appropriate authorities (police etc). You acknowledge however, that any personal information you offer voluntarily on any of the services provided by NIRC may be collected and used by other parties, resulting in unsolicited transmissions or messages.


The user agreement and any disputes arising out of, or related to the services provided by NIRC shall be governed by, construed and enforced in accordance with the laws, statute and regulations of the United Kingdom.