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Thread: Interesting thread on ultimatereef/reefcentral about LEDs

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    Default Interesting thread on ultimatereef/reefcentral about LEDs

    Anyone else seen this? Had a quick flick and a lot of people aren't fussed with the growth/colour of their Sps.

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    I've never liked the look of LEDS, the best of the lot is 400watt MH's IMO.

    Seen it this morning @Stephen G but when I clicked on the link RC where backing up there database, mite get a wee noisy later

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    Iv used mhs t5s and leds and i can tell u il never be looking back especially not 2 halides if i had 2 run 400w halides 2 get good coral growth id give the hobby up i remember everyone saying t5s were no good not all that long ago and i think its finally excepted now that there very good and we will all be saying the same with leds in the very near future imo as they are the future and theres alot 2 come from them

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    Simon I have to disagree, the thing about this hobby or any hobby for that matter, they can get expensive. If you are looking great colours, great growth and a shimmer to die for you will pay for it. Well I would and I know many, many other hobbyist would/will do the same.

    I on the other hand have more responsibility now, and I just can't afford the extra 50 or 60 quid a month now on electric, which in reality is well worth it. Out of all the tanks I have ran, I have never had better growth, colour, and best of all crisp and sharpness as the 400's. Take triggers tank IMO it went downhill when he changed to the LEDS I think he would agree. T5's are great for colour (and so are leds, just not the same) But not for the growth, if t5's aren't great for growth I can't see LEDS doing any better than t5's?

    Lets do a small test with couple of peeps, just if anyone is interested? We'll pick a coral, I could donate. We will place them the sand bed and take pics every month, just to compare growth rates.....I'm not saying growth rates are the be and end all......Just for a test, who's up for that
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    I love the t5 lights the coverage they give is great and hard to beat but I do love the shimmer from the halides and leds but t5 are the best to me but I only had the tmc led tiles .

    Doing this wee experiment is a good idea but one tank might be more stable or have better params which is the main reason we have good growth.

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    Good idea for a wee test, I'd be up for it, I'm getting a decent growth under my t5s.
    We could post up params and the type of lighting/bulbs used for comparison

    Had thought of buying LEDs after Xmas but Il stick to t5's I think

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    Im getting great growth from my leds im also getting a stable water temperature i clean the glass now once every 2 weeks where as b4 it was a couple a times a week as for triggers tank i personally disagree it was the leds 2 blame i just think things needed more time 2 adjust 2 the change of everything i am one of the few people that has used all 3 and theres no doubt growth under halides is the best but it comes at different costs like keeping the tank cool and the huge electric bills, people r regularly prooving that leds or a great option has anyone seen rantoks tank over on ur ? And the test would be interesting but i think it would be better done in s tank lit half with halides and half with led 2 get a really fair result as water quality and stability is different in every tank but as for the technology halide is a dinosaur t5s r now and leds r for the future theres no doubt in that and its funny that 90% of the led bashers r people that havent used them lol

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    im running leds ive got the maxspect razor and have had them since their release and love them theyre a 2 foot light lighting a 4 foot tank at 2.5foot deep and the par ratings are great. my corals are doing great especially my trumpets which each head is splitting.
    i also had diy leds over my nano which i got from stephen and i loved them aswell for the same reasons ive never used halides but used both t5s and the compact t5s and id never go back to them myself because i personally find leds better all round except initial cost but is acceptable considering theres no bulb replacing

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    i be up for that. im running simons old light its halides 500 watts.

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